Waste to Energy

Fuel reprocessing waste separation

The waste-to-energy systems supplied are refined on an industrial scale waste processing plants including heavy-duty shredding equipment, separation technology and (state-of-the-art) conveying and storing technology.

Need to be sorted out: Metals, aluminum (and metallic lead, zinc and tin), glass and stones etc. and hunks.



Hermes EPC Group leads the way as a Engineering Procurement Construction Group of turn-key solutions for the handling of biomass fuels to industrial and municipal power plants 6   Waste gasifcation overview.pdf_page_02 Waste gasifcation overview.pdf_page_03 Waste gasifcation overview.pdf_page_04 Waste gasifcation overview.pdf_page_05 Waste gasifcation overview.pdf_page_06 Waste gasifcation overview.pdf_page_07 Waste gasifcation overview.pdf_page_08 Waste gasifcation overview.pdf_page_09 Waste gasifcation overview.pdf_page_10 Waste gasifcation overview.pdf_page_13