Expert Team

Simon Hermes graduate of Physics

Armenian mother tongue, Languages written and spoken English, Arabic, Assyrian and Armenian. Languages spoken Serbian and basics in French, German and Russian.

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
Living in London, UK. Self employed since 2005. A graduate of Physics with specialization in metreology. CEO Czech Bio Power for the construction of Biomass Power Plant in the Czech Republic. Introduction of contracting companies to the Middle East and the Gulf countries. Eighteen Years with Gulf Air customer service in various departments with various responsibilities. Since 2008 have been working as a project manager in the international area with reference of Hermes EPC Management UK.


Alexander Bischoff graduate Engineer – Mechanical Engineering  – TH Darmstadt

German mother tongue, English fluent speaking and writing

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
Living in Raesfeld, Germany. Self-employed since 2003 with an own office with International market services for Power Plants. He has more than 35 years experiences within the European Power Plant branche for many different kind of powerplants in many different roles, where he has competences and good technical and commercially skills and expertise in developing, planning, project-executing, commissioning, services, sales and marketing of such plants. Employed until 2003 in the BBC/ABB Mannheim, Babcock Oberhausen, Fortum Engineering Helsinki/Hamburg und Kvaerner Power Helsinki/ Raesfeld. Last years until 2014 he acted mostly as sales representative and country-manager for Finnish and Swedish companies for the german waste- and biomass-and powerplant-market.


Nikolaus Arthur Kieren graduate Engineer – Electrical Engineering

German mother tongue, English fluent speaking and writing. Arabic and Spanish (spoken only, site basic)

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
Living in Bochum, Germany. Self-employed since 2002 as Projectmanager, Leading Expert, Constrution Manger, General Site Manager for Erection and Commissioning and before with an Employment history from 1969 to 2001 as Commissioning and Erection Expert, with excellent experience in construction and engineering in the Fields of: Conventional Power Stations, Combined Cycle Power Station, Steam Generators, Chemical Plants and other Industrial Plants in Gulf Area, Construcion Manger in Damietta Egypt, Leading Expert in Mumbai India, Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia, Project Manager with waste management, modification of the Harazdous Waste Incinerator assignment as Plant Manager and more Projects in Abu Zabaal Cairo, Egypt, General Site Manager for Erection and Commissioning Cairo South Power Station, Gymco-Gypsum Sadat City, Egypt, Misr Chemical Alexandria, Egypt, Misr. Helwan Cairo, Egypt, National Paper Alexandria, Egypt, Nassr. Petroleum Alexandria, Egypt, S/O Semadco Talkha, Egypt, Irish Sugar Carlow South, Ireland, British Enkerlon Belfast, North Ireland, El Shubra Maskat, Oman, Dakkar Power Station Dakkar, Senegal, Segba-6 Power Station Buenos Aires, Argentina, Saba Methanol, Saba, Malaysia, PIC-Kuwait Shuwaiba South Power Station, Kuwait, Doha West Power Station, Kuwait, Ethylene Plant Wesseling Germany, Diemen Power Station Amsterdam, Netherlands, HEW-Power-Station Hamburg, Germany.


Folke Diederich graduate of Geology – Hydrogeology –  Geothermal Systems

German mother tongue, English fluent speaking and writing.

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
Living in Marburg, Germany. Self-employed since 1996 as Projectmanager, Leading Expert. CEO of GFM Systems UG, Marburg. Project development in Renewables since 2010 (PV-Plants in structurel context to Conversion of polluted communal Areas). As Consultant in international range assoziated to several german departments and agencies for enviromentel tasks and in scientifical context (Universities of Marburg, Frankfurt and Darmstadt, (e.g. Member of the Hessian intraplate Heat Project for deep drilling and well construction).


Margaret Hermes graduate Engineer – Electrical Engineering

Armenian mother tongue, Languages written & spoken English & Arabic. Languages spoken Assyrian & Armenian & basics in French

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
Living in London, UK. At the time being, since 2003, working in sales with WHSmith at London Heathrow Airport in asenior capacity. Worked as Electronic Engineer in assembling computers hardware software. Employed by State Construction Contracting Company which was the largest International Company responsible for all construction works in Iraq between 1978-1992. She hase covered several posts during that period. She hase worked in the design section, as a Site Engineer, liason between foriegn companies, management of technicians, responsble for the work of subcontractors & execution of Electrical Installations


Birgit Begmann graduate Engineer

German mother tongue, English basics speaking and writing

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
Living in Leipzig, Germany Self-employed since 1990 in the field of environmental protection. From 1991 to 2005 she was head of the engineering division at Dr. Födisch environmental Messtechnik AG operates and am managing partner of Allegro engineering GmbH. Since 2005 with activities is the creation of applications for authorizations in accordance with Federal Pollution Control Act and the accompaniment of such plans to grant approval. This includes the coordination of external experts, representing the interests of the plant operators to the authorities, in accordance with the law, and review of notices of approval and monitoring during construction and during operation of equipment. Jobs across industries, with a main field of activity is in the energy sector, on both the new and changing planning of conventional power plants, and biomass plants. In addition to the processing of permit applications in accordance BimSchG include all environmental areas such as water, waste, etc. to scope of work. At the same time she support companies in the introduction of management system, such as environmental, energy and quality management. As officer of emission control for many companies, she is responsible for the implementation of European standards Emission Protection- in EU countries and works as a lecturer at TÜV – South Academy.


Hartmut E. Schlepps graduate Engineer –  Architect  – City planner

German mother tongue, English fluent speaking and writing. Italian, French (spoken only, site Basic)

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
Living in Schermbeck, Germany and London, UK. He is self-employed since 1972 with an own international architect office in Germany. He hase more than 30 years experience which led depending on the requirement and the order of the contact situation – 16 to 32 employees in his offices in Leipzig, Dresden and Schermbeck. Clients are included the Federal Republic of Germany in conjunction with their regional offices, the provincial government with state building departments , German Rail, Municipal and private construction companies like Hochtief AG, Germany, job duties as a reviewer for professional associations, private and communal large investors , urban planning, setting up of development plans , construction plans for military and civilian facilities , administrative buildings , ideas, and investors competitions with urban arrangements, hospital and nursing facilities, developments of industrial plants renewable energy with reference of Hermes EPC Management UK.


Heino Krüger graduate Engineer – Structural Engineering

German mother tongue, English basics speaking and writing

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
Living in Dorsten, Germany. Self-employed since 2008 as civil Engineer of structural engineering with specifications in statics and plans. He has more than 19 years experience with various constructions, e.g. concrete, steel, stone and wood buildings. He made statics for coal-fired power plants or sanitations of steel constructions, and in cooperation with Hitachi GmbH and Bilfinger Piping Technologies GmbH. One of his focal point was the static calculating of small pipe holder, besides small as well as large-scale projects belong to his field of activity.


Ulf Tamm-Woydt Chemical Engineer –  PhD

German mother tongue, English and Danish speaking and writing

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
Living in Leipzig, Germany. He hase more than 18 years experience in chemical engineering, approval management and project development for power plants and industrial facilities. He was a research engineer between 1996 and 2002. During that period he worked on several projects at two universities. They were all concerned with development for the purification of waste gases and combustion. In the same time he was also an independent consultant for the oil and gas company Total-Fina-Elf and I assisted in the field of environmental legislation and permitting law in an attorney’s office. Between 2002 and 2010 he was Head of research and development at BHF Verfahrenstechnik GmbH and he worked in planning, erection and commissioning of High Temperature Condensation H.T.C. technology for efficiency increase for power plants and district heating. Since 2010 he hase been Head of environmental and process engineering at Allegro engineering GmbH and have mainly been working in the fields of approval and project management for power plants and chemical facilities.


Neues Bild
Rainer Knieper graduate Engineer – Mechanical Engineering –  Energy Technology
German mother tongue, English basics speaking and writing.

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
Living in Meppen, Germany. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of renewable energy. During his studies at the Polytechnic University of Duisburg, he worked as a researcher in the field of thermodynamics / energy technology and acted as a technical director and project developer at a German company. In that time, he developed and implemented innovative projects, with special character, efficiency and sustainability, which have been distinguished .In the sector of Cogeneration, geothermal and biomass, where he completed projects as ‘excellent projects’ and more. At the world exhibition ‘EXPO 2000’ in Hannover he presented his work in front of a large audience of experts. As a developer, and as a project manager, he has successfully implemented the project of bio energy power plant in Germany- the first straw-fired cogeneration plant. In this context, his job included the site analysis, presentation of the feasibility, technical design, process engineering design and implementation in cooperation with national and international partners. He has also in the context of national and international conferences (e.g. RENEXPO, 6. CHP Symposium, 2nd international straw-symposium, meetings of national associations) given numerous lectures on energy with straw. Since then, he commits this innovative technique with its future ability to spread and contribute to the climate protection and regional value nationally and internationally.


foto-profil nkamleu HERMES
Firmin Nkamleu Ngassam
graduate Engineer – electrical Engineer – Energy Technology
French Native Language, English fluent speaking and writing, Spanish spoken only basic

Professional Scenario and Experience Summary
graduate at the Clausthal University of Technology in Germany, working as researcher at the institute of electrical information technology at this University in collaboration with RD-department of BAYER AG
More than 10 years Africa Experience in the field of energy in several African countries ( Mali, Cameroon, Tchad, Kenia, Ghana, Burkina faso Benin and Togo). Good Experience in photovoltaic plan and systems , pure plant oil technology for electricity generation, Heavy Oil power plant for urban electrical network injection. Also big experience in rural electrification. Experience in PPP-project with German cooperation (INWENT). Award winner of Royaward in 2007 at the JFK school of government, HAWRD UNIVERSITY for ‘HYBRID SYSTEM FOR RURAL ELECTRIFICATION IN AFRICA’ Good Experience in business development in Energy sector.


Joined the Team of Hermes EPC Group